Brenizer I

Brenizer I

Today I had my first couple shooting (yey!) and I was early, so I visited the location before they got there. I took that time to take some shots which I wanted to try to stich together to a Brenizer. Fortunately, it turned out better than I thought!

Although the effect is very subtle, it is noticeable and I damn myself for not trying that again with the couple sitting on that bench! Well, anyway, no I know that it works. And I have to say, that look is exactly what I was/am always looking for. Background separation + wide-angle = King! Luckily it is also realizable with very few shots (I think this photo consists of 13 or 14 shots) and I urge you to try it out if you haven’t. There are many examples to be found on the Net where people stitch over 50 or 100 or even 200 shots but that’s really just madness and probably not very practicable when you’re in the middle of a shooting. Unless you can guarantee flawless outcome.

Wooden cliff

Wooden cliff

This one’s from the same morning as Holly, so a bit older as well. But I like its gradation very much, these little sparkling highlithgts coming out of the black depths. Ahh, if only the background was a bit blurrier and the point of sharpness tack on … I guess then this would be hanging in my room already in 40 x 60cm. That’s what I have to improve about my photography now: Rule out all these little flaws and technical blunders and make less higher quality photographs instead of more lower quality ones. And I think that’s every photographers aim whose still in the learning phase.


And this one could have used slightly more space on the right side. Well, I’m working on it!

Down in the grass

Down in the grass

„What’s that looney doing down there in the grass?“ – That’s probably what all the people thougth who passed me by while I was crouched down at the roadside looking at plain grass. Unfortunately I didn’t have my tripod with me which would have a) made it more obvious what I had been doing down there and b) allowed me to compose this shot more carefully and try myself at focus-stacking. As the weather was rather on the dark side I already had to go up with the ISO and it wasn’t possible to close the aperture further for increased DOF. Well, I’ll try it again as soon as there is fresh, green grass. I hope it won’t take long anymore!



This one is right up my sleeve. One of the pictures where I loved the colours right from the start, hardly changed anything about it other than minor tonal value corrections. I think there is a slightly analog feel to it. Quick tip: Shoot from the hip from time to time. Makes your composition and perspective a bit more random and can turn out surprisinlgy beautiful as, in my humble opinion, is being shown by the above photograph.

When the police came…

When the police came...

I shot this from the roof top of one of the buildings where I worked last summer. There I was on the company site with my brother and two friends (one girl) and my brother came up with the idea of shooting some pictures up on the rooftop. Funnily enough there was an old ladder standing around so we used that to get to the ladder that was built onto to building’s side.

We all climbed on the roof and looked around, took some photos and so on (it was no good, I was a douche photography-wise, the weather was a douche weather-wise, everything was douche) – and some minutes later two police cars came up the road and, I think, eight policemen came out of it and directed us to come down.

Apparently, a resident had called them because they thought we were about to rob the place. Well, fair enough, we hadn’t thought of that … We didn’t do anything seriously illegal though (apart from climbing onto someone’s elses property) and the police didn’t press charges but simply led us off the place. At least I’ve learned.

Rongg Waterfall



this one is from my trip to Austria last year, no, 2012 by now, actually. I went there with my family and for the first time also with my own camera which was quite nice. Before that I used the old film camera from my mom which, although providing nice photos, didn’t really give me the creative scope I wanted.

The shown part of the waterfall actually comes from much higher above, so this is really only a small cutout. But the upper part of it was in bright sunlight and I didn’t have any tripod back then so I didn’t get a decent shot of that. Instead I had a try at a handheld „long“ exposure but, well, without a tripod I could only go so far up with the exposure time. I like it anyway, that’s why I brought it up. Hope you too!

New beginning

New beginning

A lot of water has run down the rivers since I last made myself heard. I’ve been busy ever since and I just couldn’t get myself to make a whole-hearted attempt at another entray in this little „diary“ of mine. Because practically, you are reading my diary, be it through words or pictures.
I think my pictures, the way I photograph and the subjects of my photographs tell you quite something about me. If you’ve seen some of my photographs here, you will probably have noticed that I try to convey a definite feeling with my photos. What is that feeling? Well-being, I think, harmony, if you want to say so. Everything that’s beautiful catches my attention and what is beautiful to me is most often something that displays naturalness.
Man-made, artificial things rarely grab hold of me because of their beauty unless there was a very gifted architect at work, for example. And I hope I will get some appealing architectur shots in near future, some that do my 10-20mm justice because I would love to take that on a real walk some time now!
Anyway, it’s getting late and I’m pretty tired. Stay tuned, I haven’t forgotten this page! 😉

Waiting for winter

Waiting for winter

Sooo, it is Sunday evening, today is Monday, the Christmas holidays come to an end and I have to go to university again. Honestly, I’m not that thrilled. Exams look a lot nearer from this side of Christmas and it’s not going to be as easy as Abc. But I’m confident that I’ll scrape my course assessment.
Due to learning and university my time for photos is rather limited for the moment but I hope I’ll be able to do some new photographs soon. But after all, when I look out of my window I see the same old street, leafless trees and sometimes puddles and rain. Therefore, it’s not the best time (and place) for photgraphy here anyway.
Interesting sidenote: I bought myself a Sigma 10-20mm 4-5.6 and find it to be an extremely creative and interesting focal length. I’ll probably do some architecture shots or long exposures in Münster when I have the time (and the equipment with me).
For now, I delve into my collection of old photographs and I find the above to be satisfyingly harmonious. It was shot about a year ago in forrest behind our house with my beloved Sigma 70 2.8.

Christmas come and gone

Christmas come and gone

Christmas has come and gone once again – and that with about 12-15°C where I live. Way too much. The above picture is from about a year ago when the temperature was as low as it should be. I’m fascinated by the variety of colours in which the crystals refract the light. I hope we’ll get weather like this again soon so I can do some new shots and see if I improved my technique in the meantime.

Btw: Father Christmas (aka Amazon…) sent me an external HDD for storing my photographs and other documents a bit more securely. If you consider getting an external HDD too, you should check out this test. I got the Hitachi Touro Mobile for its speed when copying pictures. Recommendation pending, have not tested it yet.