Frühling am Aasee

Der Frühling ist endlich auch in Deutschland angekommen! 🙂


An die Fotografen (mit kalibriertem Bildschirm): Ich hab am Wochenende meinen Bildschirm kalbiriert, bin mir aber nicht sicher, ob er nicht zu rötlich ist. Es ist bei diesen Bildern schwer zu sagen, aber falls ihr einen grünlichen oder rötlichen Farbstich bemerkt, sagt bitte Bescheid 😉




Die Bilder sind mit dem Tamron 70-200 2.8 Macro ohne VC entstanden und ich muss sagen, ich bin echt beeindruckt von dem Objektiv. Scharf, wo es scharf sein soll (auch am langen Ende) und beeindruckend wenig Vignettierung für mein Empfinden. Und natürlich die Naheinstellgrenze von 95cm, wo andere Objektiv 1,2m oder mehr brauchen. Bis auf den fehlenden IS und USM eigentlich perfekt…


Portrait IV


Ahhh, look at these skin tones! Awesome…!

So, that’s what I’ve been looking for over the last 12 months or more probably. With my old Pentax it was always a struggle to achieve pleasing skin tones, which made me go looking for a new camera in the end. Where did that search lead me to? After painstaking efforts and endless hours of comparing different systems, mostly Nikon and Canon, I have landed where I had always told myself not to go to – Canon… Why is that?

Well, the final contestants were the Nikon D600 and the Canon 6D. I’ve tried both in the shop. Twice. I’ve pored over data sheets and YouTube reviews, over user testimonials and compared what must have been hundreds of pictures from both cameras and systems. And what I’ve seen time and again is that images from Canon cameras simply have a more pleasing rendition of colours, especially skin tones. Now this is of course very subjective and many would say that there is not the slightest difference at all as RAW files (original, unedited pictures straight from the sensor) are typically pushed through Lightroom or Photoshop anyway. And yes, colours can be tweaked nearly without limitations.

But: In real, practical use the pictures that were shot with these camers were simply different! I know that I could have just put more time and effort into the Nikon files and that not all parameters and settings were the same and so on; but at the end of the day, these cameras simply gave me different images. And the Canon files were and are more pleasing to my eye.

That and the ease of use with the 6D made me go for it, in spite of all that I’d sworn to myself earlier (I kinda dislike Canon and big brands in general). So, now here they are: The first published images from my new camera! Hope you like them!

Dickes Dankeschön an Annika für die spontanen Bilder!


Verlinkt: „A World in Distress“

Hey, ich fass mich kurz:

Zwei Bekannte haben jetzt nach circa einem Jahr ihr Foto- und Filmprojekt „A World In Distress“ fertiggestellt, bei dem es um Armut und Lebensverhältnisse auf der Welt geht. Die beiden haben da wirklich, wirklich viel Zeit, Herzblut und Kapital reingesteckt und ein echt großartiges Ergebnis erzielt!

Es handelt sich gleichzeitig um eine Spendenkampagne, bei der drei sorgfältig ausgewählte Organisationen unterstützt werden. Ich will euch wirklich ans Herz legen, das einmal anzugucken, denn die haben da schon echt Großes geleistet und verdienen meiner Meinung nach ebenso große Unterstützung! Eine kleine Spende würde da schon viel helfen!


Olympus II

Film I

After a month of absence from here, I am back with some new, fresh photos! And not any old photos, no. I’ve been getting the second and third roll of film developed that I’ve shot with my granddad’s old camera. I must say, at times I really like the colours this film gives me! Best example is the picture above – awesome colours! If anything like this came out of my digital.. wow, I don’t think I’d ever sell that camera again. Which I’m currently thinking about.. But I guess more news on that will come anytime soon in the next month : ) So long…

PS: No adjustments whatsoever!

Portrait I


Finally, this is my first portrait here! It’s from last summer/autumn and shows my sister lying in a fern wood. I was suprised at how pleasant the tonality of the fern worked out when I saw the final picture. It was shot in a very thin forrest and apparently the tree tops above formed a soft, small spotlight on the ground. This made for a very three-dimensional, sculpting light! Kudos to my sister for the idea to pose there and then!