Waiting for winter

Waiting for winter

Sooo, it is Sunday evening, today is Monday, the Christmas holidays come to an end and I have to go to university again. Honestly, I’m not that thrilled. Exams look a lot nearer from this side of Christmas and it’s not going to be as easy as Abc. But I’m confident that I’ll scrape my course assessment.
Due to learning and university my time for photos is rather limited for the moment but I hope I’ll be able to do some new photographs soon. But after all, when I look out of my window I see the same old street, leafless trees and sometimes puddles and rain. Therefore, it’s not the best time (and place) for photgraphy here anyway.
Interesting sidenote: I bought myself a Sigma 10-20mm 4-5.6 and find it to be an extremely creative and interesting focal length. I’ll probably do some architecture shots or long exposures in Münster when I have the time (and the equipment with me).
For now, I delve into my collection of old photographs and I find the above to be satisfyingly harmonious. It was shot about a year ago in forrest behind our house with my beloved Sigma 70 2.8.


Christmas come and gone

Christmas come and gone

Christmas has come and gone once again – and that with about 12-15°C where I live. Way too much. The above picture is from about a year ago when the temperature was as low as it should be. I’m fascinated by the variety of colours in which the crystals refract the light. I hope we’ll get weather like this again soon so I can do some new shots and see if I improved my technique in the meantime.

Btw: Father Christmas (aka Amazon…) sent me an external HDD for storing my photographs and other documents a bit more securely. If you consider getting an external HDD too, you should check out this test. I got the Hitachi Touro Mobile for its speed when copying pictures. Recommendation pending, have not tested it yet.



Same time, same location like last post. I found it hard to find the correct angle and exposure to capture the sun rays but evenutally two or three photos were alright. This is one of them. A second one is this:


Aaaand the number three is this:


I hope you like them. I enjoyed that morning very much actually. It was last Friday and I should have been at university but then again there’s just some things, well … you know what I mean, sometimes you’ve got to take the chance.