Frühling am Aasee

Der Frühling ist endlich auch in Deutschland angekommen! 🙂


An die Fotografen (mit kalibriertem Bildschirm): Ich hab am Wochenende meinen Bildschirm kalbiriert, bin mir aber nicht sicher, ob er nicht zu rötlich ist. Es ist bei diesen Bildern schwer zu sagen, aber falls ihr einen grünlichen oder rötlichen Farbstich bemerkt, sagt bitte Bescheid 😉




Die Bilder sind mit dem Tamron 70-200 2.8 Macro ohne VC entstanden und ich muss sagen, ich bin echt beeindruckt von dem Objektiv. Scharf, wo es scharf sein soll (auch am langen Ende) und beeindruckend wenig Vignettierung für mein Empfinden. Und natürlich die Naheinstellgrenze von 95cm, wo andere Objektiv 1,2m oder mehr brauchen. Bis auf den fehlenden IS und USM eigentlich perfekt…





Same time, same location like last post. I found it hard to find the correct angle and exposure to capture the sun rays but evenutally two or three photos were alright. This is one of them. A second one is this:


Aaaand the number three is this:


I hope you like them. I enjoyed that morning very much actually. It was last Friday and I should have been at university but then again there’s just some things, well … you know what I mean, sometimes you’ve got to take the chance.



This one is from my cute little Flexora 6×6 TLR.

A TLR is a Twin Lens Reflex camera, meaning that it has two lenses: one through which you look and one you take the pictures through. It is an analog camera that takes up to 10 exposures on one 120 format roll film. Addition: The one in the middle.

Unbenanntes_Panorama1tnIt is quite an experience to work with this kind of camera because it handles completely unlike a modern (D)SLR. Plus you have to consider before every exposure: 1. control your settings and 2. really decide whether your subject is worth it. Because getting a film developed and scanned can easily cost about 20€ in my area (maybe my dealer is a hustler). That equals about 2€/picture and you also have to buy the film itself, of course. But on the other hand, that’s what makes it exciting! You really have to think about what you’re doing and not click away madly.

If you ever get an analog camera from your grandparents, maybe, or from a flea market, give it a try! 😉

Autumn shadow II

Autumn shadow II

After I saw that I’ve been uploading rather close-upy pictures so far, I’ve searched for something more wideangled within the depths of my hard drive (there are no depths really, I keep it well-organized). On the search I found the above photograph. It isn’t wideangled at all, much rather the opposite but I like it nonetheless.
Unfortunately, the landscape around here is just so overwhelmingly boring, mundane and unphotogenic that I find myself hard put getting any worthwhile wideangle photos at all. Normal houses, flat fields and power poles just don’t do for good photographs. At least not for me, altough I think you could somehow get something out of it. But I don’t like to force results, I’m rather documenting appealing moments as they come along.

Summer morning


So, this is my third post within 48 hours and I’m a bit nervous that I can’t keep up that speed for too long or I won’t have any good photos left to post. But this blog needs some content, so here we go. I actually like this photo very much and had it printed some weeks ago in 20×30 cm and have to say … I’ll have to reprint it in a bigger size.
I shot it some morning this summer. I woke up at 5 o’clock (God knows why) and just knew that it would be a wonderful morning with lots of sunlight and „atmosphere“. There are some other photos from that morning waiting to be published. For this one I actually would have wished for a FF with 85mm 1.2 for shallower depth of field but hey… I did the best I could given my limited equipment. And I’m fairly happy about the outcome.