New beginning

New beginning

A lot of water has run down the rivers since I last made myself heard. I’ve been busy ever since and I just couldn’t get myself to make a whole-hearted attempt at another entray in this little „diary“ of mine. Because practically, you are reading my diary, be it through words or pictures.
I think my pictures, the way I photograph and the subjects of my photographs tell you quite something about me. If you’ve seen some of my photographs here, you will probably have noticed that I try to convey a definite feeling with my photos. What is that feeling? Well-being, I think, harmony, if you want to say so. Everything that’s beautiful catches my attention and what is beautiful to me is most often something that displays naturalness.
Man-made, artificial things rarely grab hold of me because of their beauty unless there was a very gifted architect at work, for example. And I hope I will get some appealing architectur shots in near future, some that do my 10-20mm justice because I would love to take that on a real walk some time now!
Anyway, it’s getting late and I’m pretty tired. Stay tuned, I haven’t forgotten this page! 😉

Christmas come and gone

Christmas come and gone

Christmas has come and gone once again – and that with about 12-15°C where I live. Way too much. The above picture is from about a year ago when the temperature was as low as it should be. I’m fascinated by the variety of colours in which the crystals refract the light. I hope we’ll get weather like this again soon so I can do some new shots and see if I improved my technique in the meantime.

Btw: Father Christmas (aka Amazon…) sent me an external HDD for storing my photographs and other documents a bit more securely. If you consider getting an external HDD too, you should check out this test. I got the Hitachi Touro Mobile for its speed when copying pictures. Recommendation pending, have not tested it yet.



Same time, same location like last post. I found it hard to find the correct angle and exposure to capture the sun rays but evenutally two or three photos were alright. This is one of them. A second one is this:


Aaaand the number three is this:


I hope you like them. I enjoyed that morning very much actually. It was last Friday and I should have been at university but then again there’s just some things, well … you know what I mean, sometimes you’ve got to take the chance.

Autumn shadow II

Autumn shadow II

After I saw that I’ve been uploading rather close-upy pictures so far, I’ve searched for something more wideangled within the depths of my hard drive (there are no depths really, I keep it well-organized). On the search I found the above photograph. It isn’t wideangled at all, much rather the opposite but I like it nonetheless.
Unfortunately, the landscape around here is just so overwhelmingly boring, mundane and unphotogenic that I find myself hard put getting any worthwhile wideangle photos at all. Normal houses, flat fields and power poles just don’t do for good photographs. At least not for me, altough I think you could somehow get something out of it. But I don’t like to force results, I’m rather documenting appealing moments as they come along.

Summer morning


So, this is my third post within 48 hours and I’m a bit nervous that I can’t keep up that speed for too long or I won’t have any good photos left to post. But this blog needs some content, so here we go. I actually like this photo very much and had it printed some weeks ago in 20×30 cm and have to say … I’ll have to reprint it in a bigger size.
I shot it some morning this summer. I woke up at 5 o’clock (God knows why) and just knew that it would be a wonderful morning with lots of sunlight and „atmosphere“. There are some other photos from that morning waiting to be published. For this one I actually would have wished for a FF with 85mm 1.2 for shallower depth of field but hey… I did the best I could given my limited equipment. And I’m fairly happy about the outcome.