This one is from my cute little Flexora 6×6 TLR.

A TLR is a Twin Lens Reflex camera, meaning that it has two lenses: one through which you look and one you take the pictures through. It is an analog camera that takes up to 10 exposures on one 120 format roll film. Addition: The one in the middle.

Unbenanntes_Panorama1tnIt is quite an experience to work with this kind of camera because it handles completely unlike a modern (D)SLR. Plus you have to consider before every exposure: 1. control your settings and 2. really decide whether your subject is worth it. Because getting a film developed and scanned can easily cost about 20€ in my area (maybe my dealer is a hustler). That equals about 2€/picture and you also have to buy the film itself, of course. But on the other hand, that’s what makes it exciting! You really have to think about what you’re doing and not click away madly.

If you ever get an analog camera from your grandparents, maybe, or from a flea market, give it a try! 😉