I’m 21 years old, come from Germany and made this page to show some of my photographs to those of you, who would like to see them (and the rest of you, anyway). This is my first blog and I am keen to see where this is going.

A friend introduced me to photography and I eventually got my own camera about 3 years ago, some day in November 2011, I think. My first steps with it were rather frustrating but since then I have learned a fair bit and my results got accordingly better. However, I’m not being presumptuous about my abilites and know that there are many, many (real) photographers who are much better and have a lot more of experience than me. But after all I’m still learning every day and I’m trying to get better all the time. My favourite things to photograph are those that include a generous amount of aesthetics and beauty in themselves (so no self-portraits). I think you will get my sujet as I keep uploading pictures.

Since English is not my native language I hope you’ll forgive me any spelling or punctuation mistakes.  Oh, and all rights about the uploaded photographs belong to me, of course. 😉


Now, I think that’s all that is to be said about me and this blog. Have fun!


2 Gedanken zu “About

  1. wenn das ok ist, plazier ich mich hier her 🙂
    ich hab mich durch deine fotos geklickt und muss echt sagen, dass ich sie toll finde. freu mich auf neue fotos!! dann klick ich jetzt mal auf „follow“ 🙂
    wünsch dir einen schönen abend und gut licht
    lg echtkühn

    1. Natürlich ist das ok, sehr sogar! 😀 Freut mich wirklich sehr, dass dir meine Bilder gefallen, dafür sind sie da! 🙂

      Schönen Dank und ebenfalls
      schönen Abend wünsch ich dir!

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