Wooden cliff

Wooden cliff

This one’s from the same morning as Holly, so a bit older as well. But I like its gradation very much, these little sparkling highlithgts coming out of the black depths. Ahh, if only the background was a bit blurrier and the point of sharpness tack on … I guess then this would be hanging in my room already in 40 x 60cm. That’s what I have to improve about my photography now: Rule out all these little flaws and technical blunders and make less higher quality photographs instead of more lower quality ones. And I think that’s every photographers aim whose still in the learning phase.


And this one could have used slightly more space on the right side. Well, I’m working on it!


Down in the grass

Down in the grass

„What’s that looney doing down there in the grass?“ – That’s probably what all the people thougth who passed me by while I was crouched down at the roadside looking at plain grass. Unfortunately I didn’t have my tripod with me which would have a) made it more obvious what I had been doing down there and b) allowed me to compose this shot more carefully and try myself at focus-stacking. As the weather was rather on the dark side I already had to go up with the ISO and it wasn’t possible to close the aperture further for increased DOF. Well, I’ll try it again as soon as there is fresh, green grass. I hope it won’t take long anymore!