When the police came…

When the police came...

I shot this from the roof top of one of the buildings where I worked last summer. There I was on the company site with my brother and two friends (one girl) and my brother came up with the idea of shooting some pictures up on the rooftop. Funnily enough there was an old ladder standing around so we used that to get to the ladder that was built onto to building’s side.

We all climbed on the roof and looked around, took some photos and so on (it was no good, I was a douche photography-wise, the weather was a douche weather-wise, everything was douche) – and some minutes later two police cars came up the road and, I think, eight policemen came out of it and directed us to come down.

Apparently, a resident had called them because they thought we were about to rob the place. Well, fair enough, we hadn’t thought of that … We didn’t do anything seriously illegal though (apart from climbing onto someone’s elses property) and the police didn’t press charges but simply led us off the place. At least I’ve learned.


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