New beginning

New beginning

A lot of water has run down the rivers since I last made myself heard. I’ve been busy ever since and I just couldn’t get myself to make a whole-hearted attempt at another entray in this little „diary“ of mine. Because practically, you are reading my diary, be it through words or pictures.
I think my pictures, the way I photograph and the subjects of my photographs tell you quite something about me. If you’ve seen some of my photographs here, you will probably have noticed that I try to convey a definite feeling with my photos. What is that feeling? Well-being, I think, harmony, if you want to say so. Everything that’s beautiful catches my attention and what is beautiful to me is most often something that displays naturalness.
Man-made, artificial things rarely grab hold of me because of their beauty unless there was a very gifted architect at work, for example. And I hope I will get some appealing architectur shots in near future, some that do my 10-20mm justice because I would love to take that on a real walk some time now!
Anyway, it’s getting late and I’m pretty tired. Stay tuned, I haven’t forgotten this page! 😉


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